Euretha Atelier

We love things that are handmade, whatever they may be. We enjoy the processes
and results that are always unique and beautiful. When we create art or craft, it is
as if there is a direct link between the hand, the heart and who we are as individuals.
It is a transformative experience. In our fast paced life of the machine & electronic
age, we wish to slow down and return to the basic wisdom of valuing the usefulness
of our hands, the commitment to a task that is pleasurable and to stay far away
from the uniformity of mass consumption.

This is why we created Euretha Atelier.

Euretha Atelier is a “creative life studio” which provides a workshop environment
for people to make things for themselves, explore their potentials, experiment
and renew their enthusiasm in art and craft. The name Euretha derives from two
words, “eureka” and “Thailand” and from this atelier, we hope that you discover
a new sense of wonder and to be inspired.

Our workshops will transform paper, textiles, wood, clay, found objects and
recycled materials. The workshop that we organize and facilitate will be a retreat
with lodging for 2 to 3 days depending on the program.

Euretha Atelier is a partnership between Kritika Buabusya (the Creative Director
and Workshop Facilitator) and Michel Testard (the Factotum).

Our atelier is located in the natural surroundings of Khao Yai National Park, two
hours north-east of Bangkok. This is where we have our second home.

Euretha Atelier

Euretha Atelier
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Khaoloy Resort 30/1 Moo 9,
Tambon Payayen Amphoe Pak Chong, Nakon Rachasima Province 30320, THAILAND

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